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Special Operations Group Australia (SOGA) EOI


SOGA is currently training a new breed of Investigators and Surveillance operatives to undertake new work. We will negotiate on rates with other agencies to allow these operatives to achieve the required skills and learning and development in our profession.

Please contact Wayne Carney via email

or on mobile 0414 335 8810414 335 881 if we can be of service.

Please visit the SOGA website to learn about Wayne Carney's experience and the full service capacity we offer. This Includes Debt Recovery, Repossesions, Investigations, Surveillance Private and Insurance/Government, Process Services, E-Forensics and TSCM.

If you are an investigation agency, please don't hesitate to refer your work or inquiry to us today to discuss your needs. We can act for your agency in the ACT.

Member of AIPI, AIPD, ACFE, ASIS and more