The Code of Ethics for Members of the

Australian Institute of Private Detectives

All of our members adhere strictly to our Code of Conduct.

  1. The Integrity and reliability of members must be beyond reproach because of the confidential and responsible nature of the profession.

  2. If called upon to give evidence, a member shall report the information he/she has knowledge of or believes to be the truth.

  3. Members shall, at all times, conduct themselves in a manner which shall not, without proper justification, prejudice in any way the interests or reputation of the Institute and its members.

  4. The relationship between a member and the Principle shall, at all times, be fiduciary and a member shall not disclose information confided in them in the course of their practise by the Principle without consent.

  5. A member shall not offer or receive any improper financial or other inducement to secure or accept instructions.

  6. The Institute shall be non-political and non-sectarian.

  7. No member shall employ staff who have departed from the standards required by these Codes of Conduct.

  8. Occasional hospitality to clients is permitted but such hospitality must not bring the profession of Private Detectives into disrepute.

  9. No member shall participate in any media interview in relation to any matter that relates to the Institute without the consent of the Executive.

  10. A member must inform the Client Principle of any business connections, or interests likely to influence the judgement or the quality of the level of service.

  11. A member who, in the opinion of the Executive, is guilty of infringing any clause of this code of ethics shall be liable to punishment in one or more of the following ways:

    1. To be cautioned, reprimanded and or expelled from the Institute.

    2. To be fined a sum not exceeding A$1000 for any one offence.

    3. To be suspended from membership for any period by the Executive.