Certificate III in Financial Services (Mercantile Agents) PRS30404


 Q. Do I need a formal qualification to collect debts, repossess property or serve court documents / process?

 A.   Yes.

 Q.   But why do I?

 A.   In order to comply with Australian laws and industry standards.     

OH&S Law & Licensing


Licensing is a statutory imposed standard but in itself is not a qualification. NSW Licensing Regulations do however stipulate the above DEST/AQTF qualification as a mandatory minimum qualification requirement to practice commercially in the work portfolios of:-


Debt Collection  –   Repossessions   –   Issue of Court Documents/Process



Government Departments/Agencies & States with no CAPI Licensing


Notwithstanding that there maybe no CAPI licensing requirements in your State or Territory or that government authorities/employees are not required under the NSW State CAPI Act & Regulation to hold a license to conduct these activities, debt collection personnel are compelled and legally obliged to meet OH&S law as well as industry education / qualification standards.


Whether working in government or in commercial practice, under OH&S law it is a requirement that ongoing improvement is an inherent process and an evidentiary one. It is also a requirement for the employer to apply ‘due diligence’ under OH&S Regulations --- “If there is an industry standard in place, an Industry Code of Practice or ‘best practice’ guidelines, then these standards must be met”. This includes educational standards.


Government departments and agencies have a higher onus of responsibility to ensure their staff are adequately trained to perform their duties and also to meet the national standards – this includes any government engaged external contractors. The national educational standards are in fact produced by the Australian Department of Education Science & Training and supported by the Industry Code of Practice (see www.aipd.com.au), the ASIC and ACCC. (Refer practice guidelines for financial services brokers mandatory qualifications, CPD and debt collection activities guidelines published by these government agencies. It is essential that both government and the private sector al the minimum, meet these standards.


So if you conduct Debt Collection  –   Repossessions   –   Issue of Court Documents/Process activities, you should secure your formal qualifications now. 


Staff with experience can secure the Nationally Accredited CERTIFICATE III in FINANCIAL SERVICES (Mercantile Agents) FNS30404 by RPL process.  Call the AIPD now for further information or click here for further information Certificate III in Financial Services (Mercantile Agents) FNS30404.  To register click here: - Course Registration Enquiry