4 Different Types of Skateboards

At the start, it was just a flat wooden board and 4 metal spokes taken from old rollerblades. There are several different styles of skateboards today.

The advancement of skating has led to the creation and improvement of various types of skateboard decks. Each of them was developed to meet the needs of various riding conditions-doing tricks, going down the street, going into a bowl or half-pipe, or going down a slope. The development of concave turns and kick tails, for instance, increased the strength of the board and made it a much more flexible vehicle.

There are two major types of skates when it comes to shape and size: longboard decks and shortboard decks. As a general guideline, we could say that short skateboards are created for stunts, and long skateboards are produced for cruising. Skateboard layout has gone through numerous cycles, eras, and phases until the most common modern deck designs have arrived.

The Skateboarding Hall of Fame, Simi Valley, California, had a range of more than 5,000 decks accumulated by Todd Huber, founder of the skate shop and deck collector.

The Mini-Cruiser Skateboard

This skateboard is shortened form of the cruiser skateboard.

It’s the ideal starter level board for young kids, but it can be used among novice skaters to ride around town, take out a few moves, ride a bowl or reach a park. They were launched early in the sport and gained new traction and increased success in the 2010s.

The Double-Kick Popsicle Skateboard

It’s really a basic deck and the most common and extensively used skateboard style. It fits well on parks, road skating, and almost any kind of skating.

They are light and a perfect choice for those who get into skating for the first time. The popsicle shaped skateboard is a go-to tool for those who want to learn new tricks, grinding, shredding, and becoming airborne. It includes a kick in the rear and nose and a curved across the width. The modern street deck is largely perfectly straight from the end to the end and is highly flexible.

The Electric Skateboard

The latest member of the collection of skateboard styles and designs is the electric skateboard.

One of the very first variants of the pre-eSkate age was the longboard deck, an off-road board containing massive all-terrain tires and attached to a long pole with a rubber ball at the end used to propel guide and slow down the board. The platform eventually turned into an electronic skateboard fitted with a small engine. The concept is intended to attract young urban travellers and gadget freaks. These electric skateboards can go up to 5 miles at speeds of up to 15 mph.

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The Carve Skateboard

The carve deck is a model that produces its own pace through seamless pumping. It was created by combining the action of the surfboard on the top of the wave on flat land. It’s a perfect way to practice turns and deep bends, but it’s also a favoured bowl board.

This hybrid skateboard style is becoming a common design because it combines the features of both longboards and cruisers.