7 Ways to De-Clutter Your Office

Your work environment is one of the most important aspects of having a productive work life. If this is jeopardized, you could very well be finding yourself experiencing increasing frustrations and burnout in no time. Once of the most common problems when it comes to having an office is dealing with the clutter, so here’s what you can do about it:


We live in a digital world so you no longer have to depend on paperwork all the time. Not only is this an environmentally friendly alternative decision to come to, by digitizing as much as possible, you free up some valuable space in those cabinets, make your paperwork more mobile and makes it far easier to access.

The Cabinets

It’s always best that you start your cleaning process with your cabinets rather than your desk because there could be many old documents that you don’t need any more lying around taking up valuable space. So take the time to sort out your cabinets and then you can put away what’s lying around the office space.


It really is a shame if you have such high-quality office furniture and it just gets wasted carrying dust or several unnecessary documents as the days pass by. Put labels on each cabinet so you know exactly where everything is supposed to be- then all that’s left is for you to implement the system. As each day comes to a close, make sure you take a sweep of the area and return everything right back to where it’s meant to be.

Vertical Space

Therecomes a point when the cabinets do fill up and you seem to have exhausted all your shelves- you don’t have to expand horizontally and eat into your floor space. This will just emphasize the cluttered feeling. This is when you consider investing more in your vertical space. This gives you more groundto move around as well.

Print Less

There are those employees in the office who print out every document they need without a second glance- any recorrections, drafts, final documents- it all makes its way through the printer. Next time just think twice about whether you really need that print out or not.


Everything in your space needs to have a concrete purpose- if it doesn’t then this is a sign that it should be up for donation. Free things you get at seminars and conventions- they can all go for a better cause. For the things that can’t be donated, they can always be recycled instead!


Cables are another pesky factor that adds to the clutter in your office. There’s nothing more unappealing than a jumble of wires that are trailing across the office. You can combat this by slipping the cables behind your desk rather than having them trail in front. You can also try zip tying them together so they don’t get tangled and have a spare cabinet for extra power cords and adapters lying about.

These are the best ways you can go about de-cluttering your office and resume working under productive conditions again in no time!