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Basic Things to Know in Marketing

How do I market a certain product is one of the most mind boggling question every businessman has I mid especially when one is introducing a new product or a new invention, an example for such is the photocopy machine which was deemed to be useless but proved to be of high value because of its utility in companies before the digital domain came in. In order for a product to be successful the businessman must know how to place his product strategically in the market.

It’s not about only to place it but also the businessmen must make it a product such that it can have a very significant presence in the market because in the midst of a multitude of products with the same purpose how can one make anybody purchase this specific item and not only purchase it but the consumer would purchase it again in the next opportunity that they can.

To successfully market a product requires the social skills to get people’s attention towards one’s product and also it requires the management prowess to make critical decisions with regards to the product and its sales.

Here are some basic things to consider when one plans to market a product:


A product’s brand is very important. People tend to trust a specific group of products and those brands are rated by priority according to a hierarchy of which works best and which is readily available and at some point, which works best while being affordable at the same time. When it comes to branding patronage is very important but one must first get people to trust the brand, they have such that it could level with the big companies.

Also, the brand and the product name must convey a symbolic utility together with the brand; an example would be milk and dairy products must convey a feeling of freshness and being organic and authentic. There are brand design experts Brisbane and other major cities that can help businessmen create a brand and design for their products.


One way to make a certain population know what one is selling is through giving out samples. A big example of these are found in the music industry, when an artist is about to drop a certain album or a song what the company label would do is to create a free playlist of give a shortened rendition of the songs that are included in the album so that people will have hint of the product and purchase it when it is available.


Other ways are of curse advertising the product through a medium that appeals to the specific population that one is targeting for example would be a digital product are most likely advertised through digital platform which many young people and millennial are almost always connected. Advertisement basically runs through the cultural elements of a certain population to produce a need thus creating demand and gaining profit.

Marketing is not rocket science but there is always a formula to make people buy what you are selling and that is honesty.