Benefits of Webex Calling

A traditional PBX system is the foundation for the internal telephone network for a company. Webex is a cloud PBX system that comes with many features that are beneficial for business owners. Webex has collaborative options for teamwork as well allowing better integration of the office.

Providing all the services of PBX and more

As explained, every feature that you have come to know with PBX is provided in Webex Calling. Some of these basic features are receptionist support, phone calls, call routing, DID, call forwarding etc. All of these features are brought to you when you select a Webex Contact Centre for your business. There is a lot of versatility in the features offered by this software. When you decide to switch from the normal PBX system to Webex, you can expect to save some costs in the long run as well because you don’t need to counter for the costs for in-person maintenance. But you will get all the same features of a PBX system and more for what you invest.

Easy to use mobile app

There is a mobile app designed for Webex Calling that is very easy and simple to use. You can also use this on a laptop, desktop computer or even a tablet. This makes it very easy to connect the people on your team and your IT department can focus on other areas instead of constantly responding to communication issues as well. You are able to use third party applications with this system that will allow you to modify the service according to what your business is looking for. You will be able to integrate Webex calling to the other apps used day to day as well.

Benefits of Cloud Communication

In addition to traditional PBX features, because Webex calling is through the cloud, you can make and receive calls from anywhere. It will be very easy for your team to switch to work from home mode to work from office. All you need is a good internet connection. They can use this during travelling as well because of the increased user experience brought by the mobile app. This makes for a very flexible office as you will have professional out of office communication that can be used by all the staff. And there are different price ranges you can look at depending on the features you are looking at.

Cisco security for the entire network

During the pandemic, many offices have to work from home. And providing security to services can be very difficult in this environment. There are many employees working from different areas and states using different devices. Most of the time, employees are using their personal devices for work and this increases the risk of data breaches and theft. Webex Calling is incorporated with security by Cisco which takes care of all the components of the system. This way you don’t need to incur additional costs to upgrade employees’ hardware which can be a huge expense. And you can rest assured that the company data is protected throughout.