Different Types of Fundraising Events

Most of the fundraising events are focused on either raising awareness or securing contributions for something. Never underestimate the power of a fundraising event because it can generate some serious revenue for non-profit or social impact organizations.

However, they require meticulous planning and have high upfront costs. Different types of fundraising events have different return on investment ratios. Below are some of the most common fundraising events:

Fun Walk or Run

Marathons, Half-marathons, 5Ks or other types of races are not categorized under Fun walks or runs. Fun runs are often defined as events that do not require a special permit to close down roads.  A fun run can use a hiking trail. They are quite easy to plan and have a high return on investment. Larger the organization bigger the return because more people will want to take part in the run.

For small organizations fun runs are easy to organize but the return won’t be much.

A-thon Events

Community events such as A-thon events are quite popular in the non-profit setting nowadays. A-thon events can either be walk-a-thon, hike-a-thon or golf-a-thon and are great for raising awareness, building community support or securing funds.

When compared dollar for dollar, a-thon events are quite cheap, so they are ideal for small organization with small operating budgets to get the maximum return on investment. Large organizations can get a good return too and will most of the time have a lower cost per dollar raised.


Now when it comes to concerts it can either be celebrity packed massive stadium concerts or a local talent concert. The former can be done by large organization and will reap a massive return, but the latter can also bring some form of return for small organizations.

A good example for a large fundraising concert is the Aggreko helping with fire fighters concert held recently. The cost of such massive concerts is really high, but the returns are on par.


A silent or live auction is a great way to attract rich donors and get more supporters to raise funds. An auction not only gives a reason for the money to start flowing out of the wallets, but it also creates a socializing event.

Your employees can talk to various donors about the cause you are fighting for and get contacts to raise more funds. Auctions have a very high return on investment and are quite easy to organize given that you have items to auction.


Similar to an auction, a gala is a socializing event. However, it is a large-scale event that includes dinner, dancing, entertainments and even silent auctions. Small organizations will have a hard time organizing large dinner galas because they cost a ton, but the return is also quite high.

Organizations can earn for ticket sales, sponsorships and corporate tables.

These are some of the most common types of fundraising events nowadays. Planning any of these events will require a dedicated team and resources.