Dress to Impress for Your Next Party: Tips to Design the Perfect Dress

At least once in our lives, we have been taught and told how to pick the perfect outfit for a party. How to find a fit make us unique; how to shop for the right dress; planning an outfit budget; matching the shoes and accessories are some of these tips. But how do you cross that initial step of planning an outfit or designing an outfit? Especially if you are planning to get one custom made for you? Read below to find out.

Know the Dress Code Limitations

When you are designing an outfit for yourself, the first thing you need to do is to understand the dress code limitations. If the parry is as fancy and elegant as a white tie event, then there are certain colours you might have to exclude from your palette as red. But that is only if the party follows the dress code regulations very strictly. So read your invitation carefully for any dress code restrictions they have mentioned.

You can consult a friend or even a better expert for this too. Ask them to send you a couple of sample images so you can get an idea. This will help you to decide what you can wear and what you cannot.

Sketch it Down

You don’t have to be a qualified fashion designer to do this part. You are only roughly sketching out the silhouette you want and the details you want to have. You can look at fashion pages on Instagram or check out some dress patterns online for more inspiration. You sketch needs to include the shape or the style of the dress (long gown, ball gown or a short cocktail dresses.), the type (tight, A-line, wrap, mermaid, asymmetrical etc.), the neckline (sweetheart, plunge, boat) and the sleeve pattern (sleeveless, straps, long sleeves, bell sleeves etc.).

Apart from these if there are some additional details you would like to add, do specify them in your sketch. For example, do you want a glitter detailing in the front of the dress? Do you want your straps to be of pearls? Would you like to have a belt? All these elements need to be in the sketch. It does not have to be a perfect drawing but it needs to be detailed.


What material would fit this dress perfectly? What is the fabric that would bring out the best of the dress you have designed? There are many types of materials you can select in the market so if you are not sure, show a shop assistant your sketch and they will help you to pick from the silks and the laces and other fabrics available. Along with the fabrics you will also need to buy other materials such as buttons of your choice (if you dress have buttons), pearls or stones of the colour and shape you prefer and other little details you want to sew into the dress.

Always Consult the Dressmaker

Before you give the dress to be made, you can sit down with your dressmakers and finalise your design. Show them your sketch and let them perfect it for you if necessary. Ask them about the kinds of fabrics that would fit it better; whether you need to change the fabrics and other materials you bought. ; Whether that fabric could easily be converted into your dream dress. And also, any other materials you need to shop for to add to the dress (more stones or ribbons etc.). Once all these are complete, let them take your measurements and bring your dream dress to life.

While shopping allows you many choices, there is nothing unique than planning or designing a dress by yourself. Keep these tips in mind when you are getting an outfit ready for your next party so you can walk through the doors without any wardrobe malfunctions.