Gift Giving: How to Gift a Good Gift

We all have people in our lives we know like the back of our hands. Then there are those we haven’t quite figured out yet. None of those become a problem until when we have to buy birthday presents. Nothing is more frustrating than wondering what they will like to have and will suit the level of friendship you have with them. So here are 6 ideas for birthday gifts that are so versatile they will make anyone smile. 

Travel Pouch

An underrated yet highly functional item is a travel pouch. This gift is so handy both men and women need and appreciate it. Better yet is that it comes in a series of sizes, colours and patterns making no lack in variety to suit anyone’s personality.


Is there anyone you know who won’t appreciate a pair of socks? This item is easily one of the most used types of clothing. One can never have too many pairs. If comfort and design is what you look for most when deciding on what socks to wear you should buy bamboo socks as they provide extreme comfort and convenience.

Coffee Table Book

We all know someone who loves to read. We also know someone who loves adding aesthetical value to their house. If they happen to be both this gift idea will be a perfect buy. Coffee table books are available in a variety of subjects and authors, so all you have to do is figure out which one fits your requirement. This gift idea is classy yet casual and will surely be valued.

Printed Mug or T-Shirt

A printed mug or t-shirt is always a simple and fun gift for a birthday. This is perfect if you have anything special to say. A mug with a catchy saying or t-shirt with a special quote about the person will be a unique birthday gift. Personalized gifts are a great way of showing how much you cherish this person being in your life. 

Poster or Framed Picture

Whether it is a poster of a person’s favourite band or a painting of a sunset this is another gift idea you cannot go wrong. One’s definition of art varies; it can be to decorate an office or just to hang in a bedroom the choices are vast. Online stores have a selection of art that caters to everyone’s interest; all you have to do is some searching to pick that ideal picture.


Pens, pencils, markers, highlights, post-it- notes, we all know a stationery hoarder. These people are usually organized and love anything with colour. Along with stationery items such as dairies or day planners will be prized possessions. When gifting stationary it provides you an opportunity to get creative too.

The possibilities for birthday gifts are endless. The key is to find how you can make this person the happiest. A little digging around is encouraged in this case. However, if you have no clue the above options are here to rescue you.