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How to Know if You Are Seeing a Good Lawyer?

Are you wondering if you have found the best lawyer to handle your case? There can be a lot of things that make a lawyer a great one, even the best. Here are just a couple of traits and factors that are key.


This undoubtedly is the foremost thing that a good lawyer should be known for. Subject knowledge and specialization in the area are important things they should possess, and what you, as a client, would look for in a good lawyer. If your case involves domestic or relationship issues, look for the best family lawyers specialized in the field, who should take you through the case in the most appropriate way.

Expertise does not only include qualifications and ample exposure to the subject, but also applies to the way a lawyer works with their clients. A good lawyer will know how to deal with specific individual clients, keeping in mind their mental/psychological and emotional states, in particular.


As mentioned above, good understand and communication is essential when work lawyer with clients. A good lawyer should communicate all matters with regard to case proceedings, and offer insight and detailed information on case related matters to the client so they have complete clarity and see a bigger picture of everything.

Good Lawyers don’t hesitate to offer explanations, nor do they avoid important discussions whenever necessary. In addition, they need to be confident and articulate communicators in the public because it basically can be the deciding factor in your case.


Good lawyers respond to their clients queries in the best manner. For one thing, they should be able to reach out to by their clients, even during off days. Some cases can be quite critical, and it is very likely to have a ton of questions and doubts popping up from time to time with regard to the case. Your lawyer should be available at such times, or get back to you as soon as he is.

They Follow Up

As a client, particularly one going through a critical case, you will need constant updates on how the case is proceeding. The ideal lawyer will give you all the updates in a timely manner, even more often than normal if required. They will make sure you are informed immediately of unexpected developments, if any, as well as all matters you are supposed to know, small or big. Ideally, they should not let you have a moment where you are wondering what is going on with the case.

Honest & Trustworthy

It would not make sense if a lawyer lacked traits like honesty and being trustworthy. If he did, it does not make him a lawyer. Lawyers need to be extremely honest with their clients so that clients know they can put complete trust in them.

This mostly comes into play in matters of charges and fee for consultation and case handling. A good lawyer will be true to his job, and be honest with you where fee and charges are concerned. He would also make sure there is complete transparency with the client in this aspect.