How To Make Your Dining Room Table One Of A Kind

We all want our homes to be unique. In fact, the more one of a kind it is, the more it is a representation or an extension of our one and only personality. When choosing furniture, this standard should also be implemented so as to make sure that every piece is not only functional but also one of a kind.

Dining room tables are among the home furniture that is used by everyone. It is an integral part of a home and the most intimate and memorable times spent with the whole family are usually in the dining room, during meals shared together.

Choose A Glass Table

Glass tables are elegant and classic pieces that would withstand the test of time when it comes to aesthetics. Although not recommended with little children around, a glass table could be infused with other materials to make it sturdier such as wooden legs, metallic bases, stone, concrete, etc. Recently, wood dining tables infused with glass is becoming more popular because of the uniqueness of each piece.

Purchase An “Imperfect” Wooden Table

Wooden dining tables are still a favorite among homeowners because they are sturdy and low maintenance. But if you want your dining room table to be less traditional, purchase an “imperfect” wooden table. A dining table with all the irregularities and imperfections of an unpolished wood would make for an exceptional look. Of course, if you still want to go for the conventional wooden table, you can’t go wrong with nordik dining room tables that mix classic with the contemporary.

Invest In An Extendable Table

If you live alone or your family is small but you often entertain guests, one of the ways you could make your dining room table unique and functional is if it is “shrinking” when it’s just you and or family and “extending” when you have guests. This type of table is also recommended for those that do not have much space. An extendable table is also worth your money since you would be using it for a long time. It will extend with you as you grow your family and you be sure that there is always a space for everybody.

Look For Quirky Table Support

Table support is the table’s base. Depending on the size and shape, the trestle or pedestal or legs determine how many and how comfortable guests could seat on the table without their legs bumping on the table’s support. No matter how common looking your table is if its table support is unusual and off the wall, it would still surely garner the attention that it deserves.

Some of the quirky table legs design that you could draw inspiration from includes a tree trunk, a wireframe that also doubles as storage, pipes, etc. The more unusual looking it is, the better.

A unique dining room table is the star of every dining room. Of course, you also have to consider the table’s performance since it would be constantly used and should be able to withstand regular use.