How To Throw A Garden Party

When it is summer or spring everyone wants to make the best use of the beautiful weather. This is the perfect time to throw a garden party that can be thrown to celebrate more than one occasion. It could be to celebrate a birthday party, an anniversary, an engagement or even just a friendly barbeque day out with friends and family. Whatever the reason it may be for if planned in the right way it can be lots of fun and very pleasing to the attendees. Here are a few tips on how to throw a good garden party.


When it comes to a garden party, décor is almost already done. If you own a garden, terrace or a patio with flowers and trees that will give the ideal look that you are looking for already. But if you want a little bit of extra oomph, you can add fairy lights if it’s a night party, or a tent and some colorful bunting. Something that you definitely ought to do before the party is to clean up the place. The garden can get very messy from just one day especially if it has rained the day before or if it was very windy.

Set The Scene

Have all the essentials out and ready so that you don’t have to run inside every 5 minutes. You will have to get the punch bowls, plates and cups out. It is best to use plastic or paper plates and cups since the risk of glassware falling and breaking off is high at a garden party. You will also need some garden tables and chairs ready for your guests to sit as well. If you don’t want your guests to continuously go into the house to use the bathroom, get an affordable portable toilet hire.

Plan The Menu Out

Like any party, food and beverages will impress the guests more than anything else. Usually finger food and sandwiches are ideal menu items for a garden party. Summery drinks can also be included. For example, a spring alcoholic beverage like a rose would be an ideal beverage of choice. You can also have the barbeque going which the men might take lead in preparing for and cooking.

Have Some Activities Planned Out

Keep it as simple as possible. Allow the guests to bring their pets so they can run around. The guests can even play catch with them. If there is a pool, ask them to bring their swimming suits to enjoy a swim. Have cards and board games ready for those interested to play. Have some lounging chairs for those interested in getting a sun tan. Play some music from your playlist in the background.

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Throwing a garden party is a fun and chic way of rekindling with friends and also celebrating an occasion. When planning a garden party, clean up the garden, set the scene with all the required furniture and cutlery out, plan the menu with summer drinks and finger food and have some activities planned for your guests to enjoy.