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Must-Have Safety Gear When Using a Chainsaw

Chainsaws can be important and vital instruments for cutting down trees, pruning branches, and repairing storm damage – yet they can also be a lot of fun for so many people. They are, nevertheless, without the need for a question one of the most hazardous instruments you can own, and appropriate safety equipment is required when using one.

Eye Protection

When buying chainsaw equipment, remember to get protection gear for your eyes. This is since chainsaws generate wood particles that can shoot up into the face, causing significant eye damage or even irreversible blindness.

Sunglasses or normal glasses will not give appropriate protection; instead, consider approved eye protection.

Although safety glasses provide adequate protection, there still is a risk of woodchips entering via the openings on the sides. Protected safety goggles that do not leave a space surrounding your eyes are a better alternative, as they assist decrease the danger of damage to a minimum necessary.

Ear Protection

Whenever noise levels surpass 85dB for a sustained period of time, ear covering is recommended. Due to the fact that all gasoline chainsaws are expected to exceed this limit, ear protection should indeed be deemed mandatory.

Nevertheless, also with battery-powered saws, electronic chainsaws, or low-power chainsaws, sound levels can be significant, and then you should think about wearing ear protection when you use a chainsaw.

You can utilize one of two forms of ear protection. The first is a set of earplugs. These would be made of a type of foam and are comparable to the ones some individuals use when sleeping. You squeeze them between your fingers and shove it into your ear, where they re-shape and block out external noise.

Hand Protection

When operating with chainsaws, appropriate gloves are also required. Normal working gloves can shield your skin from airborne woodchips, while special chainsaw gloves will provide additional safety against it chain.

Chainsaw mitts ought to be bendable, but the top of the left hand should include protection cut-proof material for injury prevention if the chain comes loose and hits your hand.

Foot Protection

Operating with chainsaws necessitates the use of appropriate footwear. Many chainsaw boots seem like conventional work shoes with metal toecaps, but they also have protection fabric in the regions where the chain may come in contact.

Additionally, the steel toecaps will shield your toes from just about any planks or branches which may fall on them while you are cutting.

Chainsaw footwear also comes in a rubber wellington boots design with steel toecaps for added safety.

The kind you need to choose is determined by the workplace conditions, with boots being more adapted to damp or muddy environments.

Leg Protection

Leg protection is among the most crucial aspects of chainsaw safety equipment, yet it is the some of the most disregarded.

While most individuals recognize the necessity of wearing ear or eye protection, leg chainsaw injuries are sometimes dismissed as something that occurs to “other people” and not even to you.

However, it’s crucial to remember that leg injuries are by far the most prevalent sort of chainsaw-related injury, and then they can be one of the most serious. Because the typical chainsaw wound necessitates 110 stitches, you must never use a chainsaw without the need for a sturdy pair of chainsaw pants.