Must Have Tools for Training Your Dog

If you are a dog owner, you know how important training the dog is. Dog training is essential in order to have a good relationship with your pet, help them live a healthy and happy life and also to ensure better management of your dog. In order to give your fury friend, the right training, there are certain tools that are must haves in your training kit. Take a look at the following to see what they are.


A high-quality collar or a harness is one of the most essential in the list of dog training tools. You can choose the best fit for your pet depending on their size and the breed. It could be your everyday simple collar with a flat buckle. But if you want something better and easy purchase, you can try and buy electric dog collars online. If you want more help with correcting the movements of your pet, a harness is a better choice. Most training experts and those who have had pets for longer periods encourage buying collars and harnesses with metal buckles as they do not break easily.


Along with a collar or a harness, it is always advisable to have a leash with you. This will help you to train your pet while on walks. When purchasing leashes, you need to consider specially the length of it. You don’t want to keep your dog too close to you or retrain their movement too much. But at the same time, leashes that are overly long will make it difficult to manage and can actually be more bothersome to walk with. The ideal length for a good leash is six feet long – with enough freedom for the pet to move around but close enough for you to guide them.


Clickers are something that can encourage positive behaviour in your pet. Clickers use different sounds on different dogs and you can use them on multiple dogs at the same time or on one dog. They also come in different designs; there are handheld ones, ones that come with a wrist-wrap, and clickers that can be attached to the leash. You will also find clickers that come with an app that makes it easy to use them.


Training a pet also needs to come with positive motivation. This is where treats and rewards become important. You will easily find dog treats at your local pet store or can even look for them at online stores and sites. Whenever your pet does something right, reward them with a treat to show them they are in the right track. Dog treats are small and easy to carry so you can always keep them with you during training.

Training Book

A training book will include the guidelines for you to train your dog. Especially if you are new to owning a pet, this can be very helpful. When purchasing the right book, choose the one that meets your training needs. After that, it is only a matter of following the instructions in the book. While books aren’t always a must and training are much more than reading, they can always provide you instructions and better understanding about the methods behind the training.

Whether you own a puppy or an older dog, training is something you should not neglect. Get these items today itself so you can start building a more understanding relationship with your pet.