Qualities Of A Reputable Debt Collector

If you are thinking of hiring a debt collector, you have to find one that is reputable and qualified so as not to smear your company’s reputation and credibility since debt collector often have a negative image. It is also essential that they don’t provoke the debtor who could resort to not honoring their commitment to pay you back.

The qualities of a reputable debt collector often include the following:


Collecting debts is not an easy task. It usually entails talking to irate people and if the debt collector you hired is someone rude, the people who owed you money would likely be more aggravated if you send a rude debt collector. The situation would likely escalate to a more serious situation if the debt collector is someone who is not able to control their temper with stubborn payers.

Persistent But Patient

It is easy to lose one’s patience when talking to customers who keep on promising payments but are not really delivering. If the debt collector is someone whose patience is on low supply, they would either blow their fuse or would stop talking to whoever it is that owes you money and you could kiss that money goodbye. Hiring a debt collector who is persistent but patient would yield better results. Even if they keep calling and no one is answering, a persistent debt collector would try again the next day until they are able to talk to the person who owes you.


There are laws about debt collection that protects the lender and the borrower. With these laws, no one is allowed to cross the line and do something akin to harassing, threatening, blackmailing or other illegal behavior. A debt collector should be methodical and find out information the right way without breaking any law or compromising your and your company’s integrity.

Sense Of Urgency

Since it involves money, a debt collector with a sense of urgency is necessary. Time is also considered money because you as the client needs the money owed so you could use it for your business or for other expenditures. The instant the money is returned to you, the soonest you could start to use it to earn more. This is the reason why you need a collector with a sense of urgency. Besides, the sooner they are able to get your money back for you, the sooner they get paid and start accepting new clients.

Communication Skills

Of course, a debt collector with excellent communication skills is better because they could manage to resolve issues without it escalating to a situation that would give you more headaches. A debt collector who is also a good communicator would be able to handle all questions and or complaints effectively and you would not need to worry about anything at all.

If you managed to find a debt collector who is polite, persistent but patient, methodical, with a sense of urgency and with exemplary communication skills, you have found a debt collector who would be able to help you get your money back.