Reasons Why People Migrate

We have evolved as human beings to move towards places, people, and environments that grants us more opportunities and more opportunities for better life. Maybe from a simple point of view, human beings have been from the very start a survivalist. As human beings progressed on the evolutionary ladder, we have become more and more complex and sophisticated, not only in our tools, but also in the way we think and the way we behave.

Now more than ever human beings are still marked by the characteristics of being able to move round about in order to survive. With the advent of the technology and its advancements, we have been able to move from place to place, not just to survive but also to enjoy. Migration is now the hallmark of human civilization. Before, it was for reasons of survival that man moves from place to place, now there are other reasons that we migrate. Here are some of the reasons we migrate:

Wars and Disasters

When one encounters too much turmoil in one’s country the initial reaction is to wait it out and to survive the onslaught of hardships. But as time goes by and when the human mind can and the human spirit has expended its last straw of hope and resilience and when we cannot take it anymore, we move. Such is what is happening today in many countries around the world.

Since many of these countries are undergoing a hard time in keeping their peace, their people are actually moving away from their homeland to settle for a more stable and affluent countries. There are some who move family to Australia, literally the whole family including the extended relatives just to escape the wars that is going on in their country.


The other reasons are much more closely related to a survivalist perspective but it is more leaning towards a practical factor and that is, money. Money makes the world go round, that is what they say but what they do not know that money makes people go around.

People actually move to countries and places that offers good work and salary to its inhabitants. That is why people in third world countries actually dream of and set goals for themselves to move to western or European countries for a better life not only for them but also for their families, which are their direct benefactors.

Climate Change

For some very sad and bleak reasons, people actually move to other places because of climate change. Climate change is actually the greatest threat to human life in this modern world; if it cannot be controlled then millions would suffer. Some people are very scared that when this blows up sea levels would rise and would drown their houses underwater, so what they do is systematically plan a step ahead to move to a different place, somewhere higher in terms of elevation and somewhere progressive in terms of its infrastructure and institutions.

Like all other animals we are actually moving from place to place so that we can make the lives of our family better for them to live in comfort and to live without the threat of harm.