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Tips and Tricks to Effectively Organize Your Garage

Most homeowners neglect to organize their garage because for them as long as there is ample space for them to park their vehicles. They don’t care that much how it looks. But this should not be the case since the garage is actually another living space that you could maximize. Besides, you have to make sure your garage is organized so it would not be a fire hazard. It would also be easier for you to find something if in case you need it because everything is sorted out.

If you feel overwhelmed by the idea of cleaning and organizing your garage, follow the list below of tips and tricks to help you straighten up your garage in no time.

Set a Day for the Task

When you tackle this project, make sure that this is the only task you will be doing and that you don’t have any plans after so you would not have to hurry in cleaning and organizing all the things you store in your garage.

You also have to consider that the project will take you a day or more because if you only cleared your schedule for an afternoon or several hours, you’d feel frustrated if you don’t manage to finish. It might be another case of an abandoned project that you’d soon forget. So, before you start make sure that you have the time because it would be better if you don’t rush into doing it.


When you organize your garage, you should also toss out the clutter so it would not take up space when you have your boxes and containers which should be best to store the things that you would still be using and that you need to keep.

Put Together Storage Boxes and Containers

Before you start organizing your garage, make sure that you have enough storage boxes and containers to put your things in. You’d be surprised at how much space you have left when everything is properly stored. When you do prepare bins and crates, it would be better to use transparent storages to easily see what is inside if and when you are looking for something. Arranging storage boxes and containers are great garage storage solutions. You can also have floor to ceiling shelving to keep the boxes off the floor.

Choose Open Storage

Instead of cabinets, choose open shelves for storage. Not only are they cheaper, you would not need to have extra spaces for when you are opening and closing cabinet doors. It would also help you stay organized because you could not just hide the clutter inside closed cabinets. With open storages it would also be easier for you to see what you have stored.

An organized garage is one less thing for you to worry about. Make sure also that you don’t keep pet food in the garage that might attract wild animals. Don’t keep paper and paint in the garage because the paper would draw roaches and bugs and paint will be ruin by the heat or cold unless your garage is properly insulated.