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Tips for Selecting a Travel Mug

Travel mugs are great for taking coffee, hot chocolate, smoothies, tea etc. when you are on the go. You can take it on your commute or keep it in your cup holder in your vehicle. There are so many different types of travel mugs that you can find on the market. But you have to consider why you are purchasing it and when you will be using it when selecting the right mug for you.

When it comes to hot beverages like coffee or tea, you have to consider the insulation qualities of the mug. Metal travel mugs are able to keep temperature constant for a longer time. You can also choose double walled travel mugs where the vacuum in the middle provides a barrier. Plastic is not a great option for travel mugs as they will not hold heat for longer and they also tend to hold odors and stains. You will not experience the same with metal or glass mugs.

You have to consider the size of the travel mug as well. A sixteen ounce mug will be sufficient for most things. You can select an 8oz coffee cup for your travel mug if you can’t live without your morning caffeine hit. This size is more than enough if you are looking to drink only a small amount of beverage. You have to think about how you are travelling with the mug. If you are travelling by car, you have to select a mug that can fit in your cup holder. This means looking for a mug that is narrower at the bottom.

The lid of the travel mug should fit onto the mug tightly. You have to make sure that it will not spill in the middle of your commute. Check for travel mugs that come with a locking device and a seal. This way, even if the mug is knocked over, the contents will not spill over. It is also a great way of avoiding spills when you are travelling on a rough road by car. But the lid should also be something that is easily opened. If you are drinking your morning coffee or tea while you are driving to work, having a lid that requires you to unscrew it can be a hassle. And it will not be safe to use in the car as well.

The style of the travel mug will decide its convenience. For example, you will be able to carry a travel mug that has a handle attached to it more easily. But a travel mug with a handle will not fit into the cup holder of your car.

Think about the durability of the material as well. Materials like ceramic can crack if they are not handled gently. And it is also easier to select a material that is dishwasher safe. With a glass travel mug, you will be able to see the color of the beverage and the amount of beverage left inside the mug. You can also give a travel mug as a gift. They can be personalized to add a bit of uniqueness to the gift.