Types of Engineering Specializations to Consider

The history of engineering is a long one, from the invention of the water screw by Archimedes to the first steam engine, technological progress has grown right alongside the engineering trade. Great structural designs like the Egyptian Pyramids or the Colosseum of Rome are still being talked about today.

Just like these great works of engineering we should also talk about the simple engineering processes that allow us to accomplish little things like use an elevator to switch floors on a building or the water that comes into our kitchen through an irrigation network.

All of these inventions and accomplishments are thanks to an engineer or a team of engineers who use theory from STEM subjects and turn them into practical applications.

Below are the main types of engineering specializations that you might want to consider if you are picking a career path in engineering.

Aerospace Engineering

The power of flight was something that humans longed for quite some time. From the first human trying on artificial wings to the first airplane flight in 1903, the trade of aerospace engineering today has come a long way.

Aerospace engineering is the trade where the principles of science is used to manufacturer vehicles that can be used beyond and within earth atmosphere.

Chemical Engineering

As the name suggest this specializationinvolves quite a bit of chemistry and chemical engineers usually develop, manufacture and apply chemical products in an industrial scale. Think of your school chemistry lab but then almost 100 times bigger.

Chemical engineering is often used in the food, pharmaceutical, and material industries.

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineers are often referred to as structural engineers as well. Many of things you seed around you from roads, buildings to bridges are built by civil engineers. A civil engineer must have a sound knowledge of math, physics, geology, hydraulics and other STEM subjects.

The overall goal of a civil engineer it to modify the environment around us so that it becomes beneficial to us but also without damaging the environment too much.

There are many civil engineering companies MacKaythat offer jobs for structural engineers if you want to talk to them regarding this specialization.

Mechanical Engineering

This probably the most common type of specialization in the world right now. It is also the broadest type of engineering because a mechanical engineer can work in various industries. This is because a mechanical engineer uses theory from STEM subjects to construct and maintain mechanical devices and mechanical devices are all around us. Machines are used in all types of industries, so a mechanical engineer has a wide range of career paths.

Electrical Engineering

As the name suggests an electrical engineer is involved with matter related to electricity. An electrical engineer usually works on equipment like generators, electric motors, or even circuit boards.

A degree in electrical engineering is quite valuable given the advancement of mobile technology and computer hardware nowadays.

These are 5 main types of specialization when talked about engineering today. There are so many other niche types and the specialization you pick shouldn’t be forced up by anyone. Identify your key areas and preferences and then talk to professional engineers before you decide.