Ways to Make Money for A Living

Money has always been a necessity for everyone. This is how it started, a while back in our evolutionary track we have decided as a species that with our ability for advanced thinking and complex cognitive abilities, we ought to have a more advanced way of dealing with our wants and needs and that is where the economics of mankind has started.

It started off with a simple barter system for people within a close proximity with each other preferably a village or a town and then it gave birth to a more sophisticated means of exchange, we used salt, bronze, silver, gold and finally we settled on our monetary unit and that is the money, and we place specific values for each type of money so that we can buy more stuff with more valuable bills.

And since then we are racing after and killing ourselves for the pursuit of money because it is tantamount for being successful and becoming happy. And now we have deeply intertwined almost each behaviour with monetary gains for our wants and our needs. Man, now has even more complicated economic activities that are aimed towards survival of the self and the family.

Here Are Some Ways to Earn Money:


The default idea from people is to earn a living through working. In third-world countries children are encouraged to finish a college degree so that when they have completed that program and passed some national board exams for such then they can be qualified to enter into the workforce and become and employee.

And in the process of being an employee one can earn an honest day’s work and repeat the whole process until one retires and enjoys their pension in glorious old age. But this option is good yet limited. When one chooses to work for a person the chances of hitting the jackpot or to chase one’s dreams or plans are very slim since they will be very invested towards their work.


If one already has resources to expend or in some case when one has had enough of working and has saved enough resources, one can opt for investments. Not all of investments are forms of businesses; some people would rather choose to invest on stocks or opt to become stockholders or partners where they will just receive a small percentage of revenue for a specific amount of time for an amount, they have invested on a given venture.

With online banking today, it is even possible to invest on big companies and even sell stocks for small value profit that will somehow accumulate to big amounts in a long-term basis. Anyone can do this; anyone in Australia or from any country and city can become investors through their banks.


Lastly, one can choose to create jobs for other people by going on a business venture. By creating a business one does not only create profit for one’s self but also creates opportunities for others as well, and also the idea is one can offer a product and service for others.

All in all, money earned in honesty is better than money earned through plunder and dishonesty.