Ways to Surprise Your Special Person This Holiday Season

Holiday season is fast approaching. Only two months left and it’s Christmas time again. Christmas is one of the most popular celebrations in the world, most especially to Christians, because it’s the birth of Jesus Christ. In addition, it’s the best time to catch up with the people who are important to you whom you haven’t seen for a long time over delicious food and drinks. Giving Christmas gifts has been the ritual as well. If you want to make the festive season extra special, you may surprise the important person in your life by doing the following.

Get your Creativity On

You don’t need to be artistic in order to induce something unique for the special person in your life this Holiday season. You can embellish a gingerbread house or make a handmade Christmas gift like a bomb soap or bake goodies that your special person really loves. If you want to create a stronger bond with your family, then start a fun activity with them.

Send a Christmas Gift

Instead of the traditional way of personally handing over your Christmas gift to the person who means the world to you, why don’t you wrap and send your gift in an extraordinary Christmas gift bag and have it delivered to his/her doorstep. It can be his/her choice of perfume or a basket of his/her favourite treats. Make sure to use Skype or Zoom to his/her initial reaction to your Christmas gift.

Cook Delicious Meal

Aren’t you always in charge of the kitchen at home? If the answer is yes, it’s time to man up, and cook a delicious meal for your special person. He/she will be surprised, for sure. Watch YouTube videos that can help spell success to your Christmas surprise or you can ask a family member or close friend to help you. Make it more romantic by having candlelight dinner at your backyard or garden.

Surprise Your Special Someone with a Christmas card

In this digital age, only a few people left are using snail mail to send over greeting cards like birthday and Christmas card, because it takes a while to be received at times. But never undervalue written Christmas cards especially these days when the majority choose to send e-cards online. The special person in your life will certainly be happy to get one. Make it more personal by adding a picture of you two from your recent local or international trip.

Surprise with a Puppy

Is your special someone a dog lover? Why don’t you give a puppy this coming Holiday season?But before you do, take time to do research about the best breed to get. Moreover, consider adopting a puppy. By doing it, you’ll be able to save a life, and fight puppy mills. If you’re feeling extra generous, include a basket of puppy food, treats, and toys, as well.

Add an element of surprise to Christmas time by giving that special person in your life one or two of these ideas.