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What to Know About Cotton Yarn?

Cotton is a natural plant fibre and a commonly used material around the world. Cotton is cellulose fibre as it is produced from the cotton plant. One property of cellulose fibres is that they are able to draw heat away from the body. This is why cotton is preferred for warm weather conditions.  

The cotton plant produces blossoms that eventually become a cotton bowl. This hard case dries and cracks when the boll ripens and you will be able to see the natural cotton fibres. The cotton seeds are separated from the plant and the fibres are then separated from the seeds. The cotton fibres are converted into thread and natural fibre yarn. To create yarn, raw cotton is spun and twisted.

This allows the fibres to lock together and creates strong yarn. Whether the cotton is wet or dry, it is very strong and durable. And it is very absorbent as well. Cotton can absorb almost 27 times its weight in water. And not does it absorb moisture; it can allow this moisture to evaporate creating a cooling effect on the skin. Cotton is a lightweight material and it is soft to the touch. Clothing made out of cotton is very comfortable to wear.

You can create very soft yarn from cotton. It is well known that cotton becomes softer over time with frequent use. You can wash cotton in the washing machine without causing it any damage. There is a range of prices available for cotton. It will vary with the level of quality. But if you are selecting cotton yarn for a project, it is generally better to go for a higher quality as it will affect the outcome. It is very easy to dye cotton yarn so there are so many colours that you can get.

You will be able to see details of stitching very clearly and crisply when cotton yarn is used. So it is great for intricate projects. There are some challenges in working with cotton yarn as well. 100% cotton yarn knit can be stiffer when compared to other types of yarns and yarn blends. And while the cotton absorbs a lot more water than other materials, there is a tendency for it to stretch. It will not return to the original size and shape once it has stretched.

When you use bulky yarn, your project will be predictably heavier. And it can get a little difficult when you are washing it. Dark colours can bleed so you need to knit a gauge swatch to check if this is a possibility before you start. You can check how it stretches and whether the size gets altered after the stretching with the swatch.

If you are looking for an eco-friendly yarn option, it is best to go for organic cotton as most other cotton yarn is treated with a lot of pesticides. Organic cotton is not genetically modified and there are claims it is softer than other cotton yarns. You can use cotton to create soft baby yarn and it is a popular choice when knitting blankets. Other items you can knit are wash clothes, craft projects and produce bags.