What To Remember When Leasing Out An Office Space

You have expanded your business and your rented office space has proven to be inadequate and you have decided to lease out a bigger space. You have looked at a few options but are still not sure which office space to use. Here are a few areas which would help you to decide.

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How big do you require your office to be? As per state requirement, you are expected to maintain a certain amount of space per head. Look into such requirements when choosing an office space. However, it is important that you do not rent a space that is much larger that you require.

You would need to keep every area of the leased out space in good condition whether you use it or not. Having said this, it is important that you run pest and building inspections to ensure that the building is indeed in good condition as you would expect.

Not running pest and building inspections prior to moving in and starting operations would cause a disruption in the workplace if the building in question does in fact have an issue that needs immediate attention. It is always beneficial to be proactive rather than reactive in circumstances such as this.


It is very important for you to decide what you want to do with the items for distribution that you have to bring along. You will need to decide if there is a designated space for it in the new office you are looking to lease. Another option that you could consider would be getting in touch with a company that handles commercial storage like Better Storage for instance. Here you will be sure that your items are stored away safely and in the proper conditions.

Ability to section

Are you able to section out your office to create private offices? If you have plans to section your office space, it would have to be spacious enough to accommodate such an area without looking overcrowded.


Are you planning to set up work stations and if so is the space you are planning to rent, big enough to accommodate the number of work stations you require? These questions need to be well thought out and a decision would have to be made.


You would have to talk to your landlord and come up with a payment system that would best suit your schedule best. It would also be a good idea to talk lease terms if you are satisfied with the space and price. The longest terms range between 5 to 10 years but don’t be afraid to inquire and sign on for longer.


Your office space would need to be easily accessible to your customers and employees. Choosing an office space in a remote area would be impractical even though the cost is well within your budget. This factor could lead to dissatisfaction between the employees and a decrease in employee morale. Using these points to follow, you could easily decide on which office space would suit you best.