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Why Allow a Criminal Lawyer/ Defence Lawyer to Represent You at Court?

Just as much as civil litigation plays an integral role in the field of jurisdiction and law, criminal jurisdiction also forms the basis of the system of litigation and forms an equally important part of the law. Criminal jurisdiction tends to be a more tedious juncture that requires more a strategic and profoundly organized approach because the client of a defence attorney has been charged with an offence.

It is precisely for this reason that, a defence lawyer Perth does the valuable service of providing consultations and appearances to clients charged with criminal wrongs, here are a few reasons why it becomes integral to consult a defence attorney and let him or her make an appearance on behalf of a person charged with a criminal offence. It saves you from a lot of stress and worry.

Different countries have different laws governing criminal wrongs depending on the jurisdiction they follow. Various statutes such as the ‘Criminal Code’, ‘Criminal Procedure Act’, ‘Misuse of Drugs Act’ and the ‘Evidence Act’ are only a fraction of the statutes encapsulating criminal offences. It takes years of expertise to handle and apply such laws to the given circumstances of a case concerning each client. Therefore engaging with an expert in criminal law will save the burden and the stress of having to understand and apply criminal laws to a case. Certain people are under the assumption that consulting a criminal lawyer is a rather costly business.

But this could have serious repercussions if you have been charged with a criminal offence and you have not consulted a lawyer. Some such consequences are, being either falsely or unjustly charged, being found guilty when innocent, imprisoned when one should not be imprisoned, and being at a point of a disadvantage when applying for a job because you would be asked to submit a criminal track record, and being disqualified or prohibited from holding a drivers license are a few out of the many disadvantages.

Quite often, one of the most critical stages of a criminal action is when the Accused is arrested on criminal charges and requested to participate in a police interview. This is a very crucial interrogation and often quite naturally, people are unsure of how to face such an interview, what to say and what not to say, what their rights are, and what are the limitations of those rights. This is when the help of an expert lawyer in criminal law comes in handy. Another important step is to present evidence in a prudent and correct manner.

When it comes to criminal trials, the rules of evidence are quite complex. For example when it comes to the cross-examination in certain stages of a case, there are most likely to be interruptions and many objections from the opposing counsel resulting in an inability to continue questioning according to plan. But, a good criminal lawyer will know exactly what questions should be put to a witness and how the relevant questions should be framed.