Why You Should Make the Switch to Smoking Alternatives

We know how bad it is for us in so many ways than one. But no one could deny the fact how addictive it is and at times, how it helps in releasing stress. Since this is the case, smoking alternatives have been rising in popularity to try and combat the risks and harm of smoking but still be able to give the benefits to the smokers.

One of these alternatives is using pre-packed pouches with nicotine. The user then puts this pouch between their gum and upper lip and keeps it there while the nicotine is being dispersed. When the nicotine and the flavour are emptied, the pouch is disposed of. There are numerous reasons why smokers have opted to using these pouches and they are as follows:

The pouches would not stain the teeth

One of the ill adverse effects of smoking is that it stains the teeth. Fortunately, using these pouches with nicotine would not stain the teeth, because there is no tar which caused the teeth to turn yellow or yellowish brown over time. You would still be able to remedy your nicotine cravings without having to worry about your teeth being affected by this habit.

The pouches are discrete

Second hand smoke is as bad as first-hand smoke and both cause harmful effects. As a smoker, this must be a consideration when in the presence of other people who does not smoke. This could be somehow frustrating especially when there are no designated places where you could smoke freely without the fear of upsetting people with you. Another benefit of using V and You nicotine pouches is that it is discrete and that you could pop and use one wherever you are, even in the presence of people who are against smoking.

The pouches have various and delicious flavours

Smoking leaves a bad taste and bad smell in our mouth that we either pop a candy after or spritz our mouth with spray to keep the awful taste and smell away. This is not the case with these pouches since it come with delicious and various flavours you would want to try them all. Flavourless pouches are also available for those who prefer to savour the taste of nicotine in its purest form.

The pouches are easy to use

Those who have chosen to use vape as a smoking alternative stated that this alternative could sometimes be a hassle because you have to charge the vape itself; you need to purchase the juice to put in it and other parts when they are past their usage date. With this hassle, some who have tried vaping reverted back to smoking. At least with these pouches pre-packed with nicotine, it is easier to use and discard.

Trying and testing smoking alternatives to ease nicotine cravings is a hit and miss process. What worked for others might not work for you but at least, you have taken the first step into trying to lessen the harmful effects of this habit to your health.